O'Neill Cold Water Classic Canada 2010 - Josh Kerr Winner

Thank you Competitiors, O'Neill and Merry Makers - What a Great Time!

October 19-24: Santa Cruz: Cold Water Classic California

The final 2010 O'Neill Cold Water Classic. It's a tight surf for the series win, watch the race between Australians Shaun Cansdell (5591 points), Stuart Kennedy (5378 points) and Dion Atkinson (3984 points) with South African Royden Bryson (4844) and Irish citizen Glenn Hall (3110) in the water to take the win away from the Aussies.

Watch live streaming of the Santa Cruz Cold Water Classic California here.


Day 6 Finals: October 14 - Josh Kerr Wins Cold Water Classic Canada

Joh Kerr, Winner,  Cold Water Classic Canada

Australian Josh Kerr ripped it up today to win this year's Cold Water Classic Canada. The surfer who bested Peter Devries earlier in the day comes out the overall winner. In the final it was Kerr and Eric Geiselman (who had just posted the highest score of the competition with an amazing aerial in the previous heat). Both surfers rode the waves like the professionals they are but it was Kerr who grabbed the best scores. A happy boy, Josh was carried up the beach on the shoulders of friends to the cheers of the Tofino crowd. Last year's winner Peter Devries handed the title of Cold Water Classic Canada Champion to Kerr in the award presentation. Read all about the Finals of the Cold Water Classic Canada: Story, photos and video.

Day 6 Thursday October 14, 2010, Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada
Josh Kerr, Winner Cold Water Classic Canada 2010

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Day 6: Thursday October 14 - Round 4 to Semi-Finals

Day 6 Round 4 to Semi-finals, Thursday October 14, 2010, Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada
Eric Geilseman takes to the air during the semi-finals of the Cold Water Classic Canada.

Round 4, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals were held today at North Chesterman Beach where the contest has been every day for this Cold Water Classic Canada. Heat 1 of Round 4 found the pairing of local surfer Peter Devries and Australian Josh Kerr. The crowd was strong for the show down of Round 4 when the heats were just two surfers and priority enters into the heats. Priority means that one of the surfers has the right to catch the wave. Devries noted that priority tends to calm a heat down because there is not hassling for waves: but we know from watching surf contests that there are tactics surfers can use to their advantage and it pays to use your head and have experience. But we digress.

Kerr caught some good scores and Devries was surfing catch up. Devries scored big with some nice moves on a wave but time ran out for him to put together a second big score. The heat went to Kerr. Disappointment in the crowd? Not one bit. We know how good a surfer Peter Devries is and we know that in competition such as this with so many accomplished surfers that on any one day anything can happen.

Later in the day it was Australian Eric Geiselman who provided the move of the competition in the semi-finals. Needing a big score to over-take Shaun Cansdell, Geiselman took a long right ride and in the glare of the sun pulled an incredible upside down air move that wowed the crowd and the judges: and giving him the top wave score of the competition - a 9.10.

Check out more of the story of Round 4 to the Semi-Finals, photos and video...


Day 5: Wednesday October 13 - North Chesterman Beach

Day 5 Wednesday October 13, 2010, Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada

It was a thrilling day at the beach, the list is getting concentrated and every heat is a nail biter. There is one Tofino boy left in the competition, Peter Devries who rode a relaxed and confident heat today: Benn Murphy, who surfed so well yesterday was not able to get past today's round and Sepp Bruhwiler has also been surfed out on the competition. Some other big international names were surprisingly eliminated on a day that saw ups and downs in the surf with clean 4 foot waves, some lapses in sets and then big ones rolling in - timing can be so important! Read more about Day 5 Cold Water Classic surfing contest: photos and video are coming soon.

Day 4: Tuesday October 12 - North Chesterman Beach

Day 4 Wednesday October 13, 2010, Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada

Great waves today at North Chesterman Beach. Earlier today: Benn Murphy has advanced. Sepp is through as well. Three Tofino surfers advance to Round 48! Peter Devries has surfed his heat in the Round of 48 and if back in form: he was hitting the sweet spots and scoring big points to give him first in his heat. Lopez, Hall, Tajima, and Wilson among others all advanced from Round 48. Some big names have not advanced to the next Round of 24. More about Day 4 at the Tofino Cold Water Classic Canada: Surf Photos, Surf Video, Day 4...


Day 3: More Great Surfing at the CWCC

Day 3 Wednesday October 13, 2010, Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada

More heats today with some amazing surfing. Waves were shifting throughout the day giving some surfers great rides while others had to dig deep for just the right wave. Standouts included Glenn Hall (posting the highest score of the contest so far, an 8.83), Julian Wilson, Nicol Yadin, Cory Lopez and Japanese rider Teppei Tajima who surfed beautifully and clinched his heat. The most dramatic moment happened out of the water when CWC Series leader Royden Bryson failed to turn up for Heat 8 today. That leaves Stuart Kennedy (currently 2nd overall CWC and already advanced to Round 48) and Shaun Cansdell (currently 3rd and surfing today in Heat 22) looking to gather enough points to overtake the CWC Series lead. More about Day 3 at the Tofino Cold Water Classic Canada: Surf Photos, Surf Video, Day 3...

Day 2: Peter Devries Advances to Next Round

The Bears are out to welcome all the surfers and merry makers to Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada

A beautiful sunny day in Tofino and the Cold Water Classic Canada began running heats at 9am. Four heats surfed today before high tide moved the contest to tomorrow. Peter Devries gave the crowd quite tense moment, not clinching second spot in his heat before his last wave. Whew! Devries said that he was trying to catch lefts but the waves were rights that didn't give chances for big moves. The important wave came at the end with a steep wall and he scored big with a vertical manoeuver. Devries was tired at the end of his heat and no wonder, paddling into those waves was tough going. Showing a bit of the pressure from being last year's champion and Tofino's best known surfer, Devries is looking to better his performance in the upcoming heats. Other surfers showed some great rides with Jarrad Howse the top surfer of the day.

Listen to what Peter Devries had to say about Heat 2 and read more about today's Heats 1-4: Winners, Times, Photos...


Day 1: Saturday, October 9 - Lay Day, Practice Sessions North Chesterman Beach

The Bears are out to welcome all the surfers and merry makers to Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada

High winds have postponed the beginning of the Cold Water Classic Canada in Tofino today. So, we bundled up and headed out to the beach to watch the surfers rock the waves! Check out the practice sessions at North Chesterman...

Saturday, October 8 - Queen of The Peak

It was a windy rainy day yesterday and the women surfed like champions at Cox Bay Beach. Congratulations to all the women who entered the surf contest! More about the Queen of The Peak: results, contestants...

Cold Water Classic 2010: Can Peter Devries make it two years in a row?

We watched as Peter Devries surfed his way through the qualifying sessions and scored a spot in the 2009 Cold Water Classic Canada. We stood together on the beach spell-bound as he paddled into the waves with a free surfer smile on his face and rocked the surf with international surfers who came to Tofino for the prestigious O'Neill event. Then, with the whole town a buzz, we held our breath in excitement as Pete kept his cool and surfed like a, well, like a true Tofino surfer with style and grace, speed and daring, wit and intelligence. Still keeping that laid-back smile and small town charm front and foremost, while the town (and national media) went crazy, Pete took his place amongst some of the best surfers in the world. Can he do it again in 2010? Come on out to Tofino and see.

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To all the Cold Water Classic Surfers - Welcome!

We loved having you in town last year, you brought great energy and kick ass surfing: we were impressed with your talent and your friendly attitude. Tofino is waiting to cheer you on again this year so pack your bags for Canada's cold surf and we'll see you at the beach!

The Bears are out to welcome all the surfers and merry makers to Tofino for the Cold Water Classic Canada
Everyone's excited about the second annual Cold Water Classic Canada in Tofino!  

2009 Cold Water Classic Canada

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Learn more about last year's thrilling Cold Water Classic Canada and Peter Devries.


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2010 O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series Rankings

These ranking were pre-CWCC - O'Neill has not yet posted the new rankings.
Bryson was unable to attend the CWCC in Tofino leaving the door open for Kennedy and Cansdell to pick up some points. Kennedy left the competition in Round 2, earlier than expected, but Cansdell went as far as the Quarter Finals. Here are O'Neill's official new rankings.

This is going into the final Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz, California, 2010
1) Royden Bryson (ZAF) 4844
2) Stuart Kennedy (AUS) 5378
3) Shaun Cansdell (AUS) 5591
4) Dion Atkinson (AUS) 3984
5) Glenn Hall (IRE) 3110

O'Neill Cold Water Classic Series Prize Money
CWC Series Champion Bonus - $50,000
CWC Tasmania 6-star - $145.000
CWC Scotland 6-star WQS - $145,000
CWC South Africa 4-star WQS - $85,000
CWC Canada 6-star WQS - $145,000
CWC California/Santa Cruz Prime 6-star WQS - $145,000


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